Chuka Umunna announces bid for Labour leadership

In the aftermath of one of the most controversial General Elections of all time, social media is in uproar as we have said goodbye to not one, not two, but three political leaders.

After losing an incredible 49 seats, former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg made the painful decision to step down as leader of the Liberal Democrats party. Later, after losing his constituency seat, leader of the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage announced he would be “taking some time off for the summer” and would perhaps reconsider running again as leader of the party in the autumn.

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Alright The Captain – Contact Fix Review

If you want to take a peek inside the imaginative minds of Alright the Captain you could do worse than to check out the wonderfully surreal album art from bassist/synth man Todd. Joined by Marty on guitar and Jamie on drums (marking his debut with the band), their latest album Contact Fix is as rich, detailed and often as bonkers and beguiling as the image which adorns the cover.

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PM Announces Tory Pledge to Ban Untraceable Messaging Apps

Just days after shooting himself in the foot over the ongoing televised 2015 election leaders' debates disagreement, David Cameron seems to be on a roll, this time announcing that, in the event his party wins the election in May, highly popular mobile apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp will be blocked by the security services. The announcement comes in the wake of the chilling Paris attacks on the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine, among other terrorist targets; Cameron seemingly capitalising on the violence in an effort to pass through his governments faltering new surveillance plans- the so-called "snooper's charter".


Cameron was quoted saying that there was a clear need for security services to be able to access encrypted forms of communication such as the apps. Currently security services cannot snoop on people's messages even if they have a warrant, thanks mainly to the encryption software that technology companies worldwide have been investing in subsequent to the Edward Snowdon allegations concerning the conduct of US security services including the NSA.

Critics have been quick to criticise Cameron's kneejerk approach to national security. Speaking in The Guardian, security expert Graham Cluley noted that the plans "wouldn't be possible to implement properly" and that the Prime Minister's plans were "ill-thought out and scary". According to other experts, if the plans went ahead, tech companies would have to build "backdoors" into their products that the security services could then use to snoop. Plainly, these entry points would be a boon for hackers, data leaks abound likely to put consumers in the digital firing line and proving a complete headache for businesses.

The issue for businesses doesn't just concern hackers, however. Companies such as Eris Industries stated in the wake of Cameron's announcement that they had already drawn up plans to leave Britain if the Conservative party wins May's election, leaving behind Britain's fledgling tech sector. For a government that has continually stressed its economic credentials, these announcements from the business sphere will likely confuse voters and likely spell upset for the beleaguered party. Bookmakers have been sitting on the fence up till now concerning who will win in 2015, however recent developments may swing the odds in the Labour Party's favour.

Even if the plans were to go through, companies, hackers and terrorists would likely just move on to a new form of communication, perhaps through the now-infamous Tor network. If Cameron were to win, the landscape of 2016 could be reminiscent of the authorities' "crackdown" on file sharing and torrent websites, that particular legal battle now having transformed into a trifling game of "whack-a-mole".

Feng Shui Your Home

For thousands of years Chinese minds and spaces have been ordered and harmonised by the practice of feng shui. Practitioners of the ancient belief discuss layout and architecture, but take into account metaphysical forces, invisible yet potent, that tie together the world around us, human beings and the universe as a whole. These forces, when aligned incorrectly, can have very negative effects upon individuals' lives and feelings. If you believe in eastern philosophies and beliefs, feng shui might be something that you want to bear in mind. Here are some tips to help you maximise your positive qi!

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Feng Shui tips for gambling

While most of us are fairly sceptical as to whether 'luck' really exists, when it comes to gambling all of these thought processes seem to go out of the window. From blowing on dice to crossing your fingers, it seems like there is just about nothing that we won't do to ensure a winning game!

However, the Chinese have taken this one step further by implementing many aspects of Feng Shui into the gambling arena.

What may originally be thought of as a quasi-mystical science to do with room design, has in fact been rigorously applied to many hotels, casinos and gaming dens in order to deliver a failsafe gambling experience.

So here, we've compiled a quick list of top Feng Shui tips for you to put into action next time you hit the gaming table!


That's right, the position of you and the articles in the room are massively important where the elements of gambling luck are involved.

According to Feng Shui beliefs, the south east of a room is the material abundance and prosperity sector. And if you’re one of those who have succumbed to world of online gaming, you can take advantage of the ability to play at home by positioning yourself and your furniture in areas that apply this Feng Shui logic. So by putting a healthy green plant in the south east corner of your room, you should be able to game away to your heart’s content and watch the money grow!

But just to confuse things, many are convinced that being positioned on the west side of the room is also highly auspicious for creating good luck.


Doorways are incredibly powerful in Feng Shui. There are many who avoid entering casinos via the front door, as they believe that rubbing shoulders with losers on their way out would transfer the bad luck to them. And some even go as far to say that the main entrances to casinos are even cursed by Feng Shui masters!

However, being positioned in a seat where you can face the door is also incredibly helpful for your game's outcome.


There's a whole world of superstition in Feng Shui numerology that carries directly over to gambling. In particular, the number 4 is thought to bring bad luck because it sounds like the Cantonese word for 'die'.

And conversely, the number 8 sounds a lot like the Mandarin word for 'prosperity'. So if you're checking into a hotel casino, try and stay away from rooms 4 and 14, and ask the receptionist nicely if there are any rooms left with the number 8 in!


Water is a very powerful element in Feng Shui. Many claim that if you are on a losing streak, then simply washing your hands is a quick and easy way to change your luck.

And many will not only blow on their dice to get the luck flowing, but some believe that sprinkling water on the money to be used for gambling will also ensure a positive outcome!



George Osborne “Hitting the drugs hard again”

New footage has surfaced which appears to show George Osborne experiencing drug-induced spasms during a session of Prime Minister's Questions.

The images of the Chancellor's sweating, gurning face has reignited national debate as to whether or not Britain is best served by a Chancellor of the Exchequer in the midst of what appears to be another "coke and whores binge".

Opposition leader Ed Miliband spoke out about Osborne's appearance, saying, "We're all familiar with George's track record for indulging in a spot of blow but there really is no excusing him this time."

"There's a time and place for everything, and in this case the time and place is in the Westminster loos like the rest of us. Or at the very least out of sight with the backbenchers."

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Banksy Was Arrested… Right?

This Banksy thing today, although small – a bit of a joke to most – effectively summarizes the hive mind exploited by the media. Here's why…
Before I'd woken up today the internet was in a frenzy and I found link after link on all platforms of social media regarding the arrest of Banksy. The vast majority of those posting links to this story clearly hadn't taken the time to fully read the article in question as if one had, you'd see bad taste references to self-rape and an "anti-masturbation dolphin".
Now, I know this is all fun and games, but lets take a look at other stories in the media that have had this exact same effect of hive mind overreaction and lack of detailed analysis. 

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Ice Cold Viral Water

So how's the ice bucket challenge going for everyone?

They're strange phenomenons, these "viral" – read: infectious – internet campaigns which drive people into a frenzy of conformity, each man to the last eager to prove themselves one of the tribe and perform some weirdly ritualistic task in front of a camera before projecting it onto the social media landscape.

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If It’s Possible, It Happened

Another fascinating perspective on the possibility of alternate universes from The New York Times:

Zooming through a Stockholm intersection on his bicycle one morning, 18-year-old Max Tegmark never saw the truck that hit him. The blast of a horn, the screech of tires and a sickening thud followed in quick succession, extinguishing a young life filled with promise.

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Psychiatrists now say non-conformity is a mental illness

Are you a conformist?

Via Red Ice Creations:

Modern psychiatry has become a hotbed of corruption, particularly the kind that seeks to demonize and declare mentally ill anyone who deviates from what is regarded as the norm. This is abundantly evident in the latest installment of the industry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, which dubs people who do not conform to what those in charge declare to be normal as mentally insane.
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